Current Research

“Democratic Imaginaries, Political Realities: The Mobilization of Publics and Production of Social Knowledge in Urban Struggles”

This research develops an analytic framework for the study of urban publics. Analyzing media and social movement representations of a controversial redevelopment project in Vancouver, Canada, it highlights the relationship between public issue formation, social knowledge production, and democratic participation.


Practicing Politics: The Emergence of Publics in Anti-Gentrification Struggles

This project examines the politics and rhetoric of a campaign for social housing in Vancouver, Canada from 1990-2010. Comparing representations of gentrification produced by social movements, mass media, and local government, it investigates struggles over urban space and addresses the transformation of political culture within contemporary cities.


“Documenting Social Movements: Exploring Collective Action and Memory”

This is a comparative study that examines the creation of social movement archives in the UK and Canada. Using ethnography, interviews and archival research, it focuses on the archives of squatter organizations involved in campaigns against gentrification.


“Generating Spaces of Knowledge: Reflecting on the Relationship between Research and Practice in Social Justice Work”

This study explores the relationship between social knowledge production and political practices. Using interviews and textual analysis, it focuses on three sites: universities, libraries and archives, and social justice organisations.


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