Conference Papers

“In-citing Publics: Exploring conceptual crises in the analysis of collective action.” Presented at the Associations of Cultural Studies Crossroads Conference, Paris, France (July 2012).

“Practicing Citizenship: A view of action, belonging, and memories in a social movement public.” Presented at the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies’ Diverse Spaces Conference, Peterborough, Canada (April 2012).

“Residents’ Councils as Community Responses to Gentrification in the UK and Canada.” Presented at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Leeds, UK (April 2012).

“Social Movement Publics.” Presented at the Discourse, Communication, Conversation Conference, Loughborough, UK (March 2012).

“Reading the democratic possibilities underwritten in public spheres of mass media and social movement.” Presented at the European Sociological Association’s 10th Conference, Geneva (September 2011).

“Cataloguing Publics: Archives and Social Movements.” Presented at the “Creating Publics Workshop,” Open University and Westminster University, London (July 2011).

“A Counter Story of Woodward’s.” Presented at the “Rights to the City Conference,” Vancouver, Canada (November 2010).

“Conceptualizing Autonomous Archives, Or Documenting Memory, the Right to Place, and Democracy.” Presented at “The Archive and Everyday Life Conference,” John Douglas Taylor Conference, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada (May 2010).

“Considering Democratic Cities through the Grammar of the Public.” Presented at The Jackman Humanities Institute, the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (March 2009).

“Putting Discourse in Place: Locating Democratic Communication in Vancouver’s Social Housing Movement.” Presented at the Union for Democratic Communication Annual Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (October 2007).

“Political Spheres of Knowledge: Public Communication, Movements, and Media.” Presented at the Canadian Communication Association 2007 Conference, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (May 2007).

“Discerning Public Discourses.” Presented at Department of Communication and Cultural Studies’ Intersections Conference, York University / Ryerson, Toronto, Canada (March 2007).

“Woodsquat: A Public for Citizens.” Presented for the Simon’s Student Citizenship Award Panel, Institute of Humanities, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (November 2006

“Needing in the Public Sphere: The Case of the Woodsquat.” Presented at University of Alberta Sociology Graduate Student Conference, Edmonton, Canada (May 2006).

“Public Space and the Public Sphere.” Presented for the Modernity and Citizenship discussion group, Vancouver, Canada (January 2006).

“Mediated Knowledge and Political Practices: Chomsky and Baudrillard on the Media, Politics, and the Gulf War.” Presented at the Canadian Communication Association 2002 Conference, Toronto, Canada (May 2002).

“Hannah Arendt meets Hakim Bey: Toward a Celebratory Ethos of Freedom.” Presented at the Pacific Sociological Association’s 73rd Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada (April 2002).


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